Monday, November 5, 2007

back to real time

now that you have been updated on the tour, back to our irregular flow of info.
I have two upcoming performances.

12/18/2007 08:00 PM
Elastic Arts
2830 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl Chicago, Illinois 60618
Triage with Series Founders, Neil Jendon and tba.

01/08/2008 08:00 PM
The Empty Bottle in Chicago
with augment, body collector, raperies (like draperies), mykel boyd, Shattered hymen, is and the rita

Saturday, November 3, 2007

tour recall part two

Tour Photos are here.

One day of rest and it's off to the airport at 3 a.m.
Many road blocks in my way, heard later someone threw a body onto I-57.
Meet Winters in Osaka at airport.
Early flight into Oakland, scoop up rental car.
First thing I see on the California highway, a car on it's side. welcome to Cali.

Spent the day in Berkeley. Bought the Young Marble Giants cd set @ Amoeba ,Andy (of maleficia) convinced the buyer (his boss) to purchase some of my records, this made me happy and able to afford some Curry, visited Moe's Books.
Drove to San Francisco for performance.

Very hard to recall all of the people we met and what they did for performances. I will give some simple descriptions of what I remember. Recordings exist of all of my sets and all of the winters in Osaka sets. So, I will let later releases of these shows tell these tales.

The 5lowershop San Francisco ,CA
AMIR COYLE ( I loved it, looped vocals and screams, other people thought it was lame.)
BULLSHIT DETECTOR ( showed up late, nice set of noise and tortured machine gear)
ACWAY ( interesting mix of broken gear, I really enjoyed this set,
NERFBAU (2 guys with laptops and doing noise)
TELEPATHIK FRIEND (psychedelic monsters stomping and groaning in costumes)

It rained inside this warehouse space. Covered in graffiti, small labs (of what) all around, many people in many small “rooms” doing what? Very interesting to say the least. People were all very nice. They paid us, so all is well. spent a bit of time climbing hills and taking pics.

Off to drive to LA. Eric from WIO forgets his backpack of clothes.
We end up staying somewhere between SF and LA. Wake up early and hit the road.
Saw some mountains, cows and a few gas stations. Arrive in LA.

Wednesday October 10th
Vlagrant Los Angeles CA
Albert Ortega (Albert’s set was one of the best I saw on this tour, pure tone genius, 3d audio!)

We attempted to see record stores in LA. Got lost many times, ended up eating Mexican food and hanging out with our host Leticia Castaneda. She fed us sweet Armenian bread. Mitchell Brown did DJ duty and played lots of interesting organ tunes. Met a Russian named Gago, not sure what he does, but he was very funny. Everyone in LA treated us well. We had a place to sleep, shower and perform to a small crowd.
Overall very good night.

Woke up early and headed back north to Oakland.
Arrived early to the venue, ate some pizza. Set up gear.

Thursday October 11th
Brutal sound effects festivel #43
21 Grand Oakland, CA
Pink Canoes (interesting group of improvisers)
Kukie Matter (incredible video and sound artist)
Mr. Mercury Goes To Work (creepy metal masked man, making beautiful tinkering sounds)
Head Boggle Domo (rhythmic noise)

This was my favorite show of the tour. Many friends showed up. People at 21 Grand were very professional. Grux is a cool guy and picks great line-ups. Had time to talk to Lisa, Marcelo, and Andy.
sent the WIO kids to sleep at the home of a former circus performer. Thanks to Lisa and Marcelo for the place to sleep/shower.

Friday October 12th
Started the day off by picking up WIO. Getting a bagel and coffee. Chatted with Joe Colley and Noella at Issues.
Joe gave me some great cd's

Since we had the day off from performing, we drove to SF (to get erics backpack).
We managed to visit City lights bookstore and drive around in the freezing cold rain, looking for the other Amoeba. Getting lost was starting to become all too common so we headed back to Oakland.

Lisa took us to dinner at an Eretrian Restaurant. We were served our own bread to scoop up the chicken, lamb and beef. Incredible dinner. Then off to Sacramento to the Norcal Noisefest.

We arrived at The Luna café in time to catch Tarantula princess, Redglaer and Xome.
Crashed out on the hardwood floor at EMRL space.

Saturday, October 13th
Spent most of this day at the Norcal fest. Managed to do a bit of shopping. Saw lots of noise artists.
Some were great like Sixes and T/R. Some were lame as all hell.
At this point we are all “over” Sacramento. But, still have to perform the next day.
Crashed out on the hardwood floor at EMRL space.

Sunday, October 14th
Norcal Noisefest
Sacramento, Ca

Wake early. Eat waffles. Get blown away by KAWAIIETLY PLEASE and Michelle Webb.
Chat for a bit with Klowd,Lob, das and Ninah from Big City Orchestra.
Play the fest , say our goodbyes and off to motel 6 Oakland for next days flight out.

Monday, October 15th
Painless return of the rental car and hangout at the airport before the flight home.
Seated next to a jazz musician. I strike up a conversation. We realize we know many of the same people. I am always amazed at how small the world really is.
Plane lands, drive home. Tour over. But the kennel cough I got in SF remains.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

tour recall part one

Back from tour for over a week. trying to catch up, managed to bring home a cold from sunny California.
I have been working on photos from the tour. Here is a small recap.

Mykel Boyd + Winters In Osaka
October Tour

Sunday October 7th @ Enemy Chicago, IL
with Envenomist + Mark Solotroff

Started off the tour with a great show.
It was 3 million degrees inside Enemy. Chicago marathon even had to shut down early.
Solotroff worked feedback magic. Envenomist droned and hummed with several synths.
Winters in Osaka started the show with an incredible and short blast. I actually nodded out (a bit) during my set, only to be snatched back into reality by realizing there were people watching me.
Overall very nice way to start the tour.

photos from Enemy

Mykel Boyd by Eric

Winters in Osaka by MB

more pics from Enemy at the Bloodyminded Flickr site

even more pics available from Kathleen Pingleton

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Somnimage Pre-Orders Start Today

Pre-orders start Tuesday, September 25th 2007

These releases are all close to being complete. I recommend that you pre-order.
These will sell out fast. If you are interested in ordering more than one, please email me and I will give you a discounted rate and a total for combined shipping.
I will be on tour with Winters in Osaka from Oct. 7th until Oct. 15th. email replies may be slow for this week. Tour Dates and locations are listed on
Please come out and say hello if you are in California.
thanks as usual for your support.
be seeing you.
mykel boyd

Mykel Boyd + Winters in Osaka split 3" cdr
Special "tour" cdr. One track from each artist in white letterpress jacket with opaque insert.
limited to 100 copies.
$14.00 post paid in USA, $18 post paid the world and Mykel Boyd split 7"
Matthew Waldron brews up another little slab of avant-goodness. Mykel Boyd drones and sputters like a cicada into Lake Michigan.

standard edition 7" on white vinyl in silver on black silk screened sleeve.
limited to 200 copies = $14.00 post paid in USA, $18 post paid the world

artist edition includes two 10"x10" letterpress prints, one from each artist
limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered. = $47.00 post paid in USA, $50 post paid the world

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost and Mykel Boyd split 7"
PPOPG is The Opalio Brothers from My Cat is an Alien with Ramona Ponzini, all from Italy.
They bring the mellow on their side with ambient noise and bells.
Mykel Boyd's side consists of processed field recordings creating a very nice ride for those with a ticket.

standard edition 7" on white vinyl in opaque wrap-over sleeve.
limited to 200 copies = $14.00 post paid in USA, $18 post paid the world

artist edition includes two unique Polaroid photos, one from each artist
limited to 50 copies, signed = $47.00 post paid in USA, $50 post paid the world

Rapoon and Mykel Boyd split 12"
Robin Storey was once a member of Zoviet France. Now he records under Rapoon. He creates beautiful ethno ambient sounds.
Mykel Boyd once saw Zoviet France perform. He makes recordings of things and then alters them to sound like planes taking off.

standard edition 12" on white vinyl in silver on black silk-screened sleeve.
limited to 200 copies = $22.00 post paid in USA, $26 post paid the world

artist edition includes two 10"x10" letterpress prints, one from each artist
limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered. = $65.00 post paid in USA, $70 post paid the world

Still fresh................

"Radio interference from unknown orgasm".
This c.d. features new tracks from Merzbow, Wyrm, The Sword Volcano Complex , Mykel Boyd,
Black Sun Productions and Val Denham (who also did the wonderful art for this release).

Standard edition
Price $17.00 USA, $19.00 world

Artists edition limited to 100 copies includes cd + signed, numbered letterpress print by Val Denham
Price $42.00 USA, $45.00 world

Mykel Boyd
3" cdr titled "October,1952" limited to 50 signed copies
Hand assembled sleeve with photo. 2 long sound pieces recorded for performances.
Price $14.00 USA, $18 world

The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition
Limited to 50 copies.
3" CD-R housed in a metal box w/obi strip and containing 2 inserts.
It will contain Parts 5-8 (Parts 1-4 were private editions limited to 8 copies on cassette and CD-R) .
$16.00 USA, $20 world

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

little show review

last night I performed for the second time at Enemy in Chicago,IL.
As usual it was a pleasure to be invited. The show started with Terence Hannum creating a nice drone piece using his voice and a little wind blown piano (which I'm sure has a proper name).
I really enjoyed his piece and now I am very interested in hearing his other project Locrian.

You can hear what they do here.
I was next on the line-up and ended up be very happy with my set. I used recent manipulated field recordings of fire and water, mixed with resonant tones from my old synth. The people who came all seemed to enjoy it, so consider this one a success.
Mora was next. Since this was the first time these lads had played together for many years, I think it went well. Brent Gutzeit hammered (with a bow) away on a many stringed beast, made of piano wires.
Jason Soliday added the pain to this set with hard edged synth blasts. Philip Von Zweck tried his best to keep it all together, although I'm not sure which sounds he was adding.
Overall a nice night, fun to see so many friends.

This week will begin several pre-orders and an announcment of many new limited edition cdr's.
until mid-week
be seeing you

Friday, August 24, 2007

chicago show

sat. 08/25/2007
9pm | $5
@ enemy
1550 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL

--Mora (Chicago, IL)
laptops, nonlaptops, electronics, and acoustics from this trio of Jason Soliday, Philip Von Zweck, and Brent Gutzeit

--Mykel Boyd (Chicago, IL)
sweeping brain trepanation in slow motion; music for closed eyes and vivisectioned ears...

--Terence Hannum (Chicago, IL)
looping dub drones expanding in space and time using harmonicas, melodica, bass and voice in Terence's (locrian/unlucky atlas) first solo outing (

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chicago July 6th

July 6th, damn tired, gear still in the van from the night before, I headed back to Chicago.
This time with a bottle of Crown Royal for Bryan. It was a birthday gift.
I arrived at Elastic Arts (my favorite venue to play at so far) and loaded in.
This show was a more casual one than the last few. A bunch of people who are into sound, playing for one another.
I had dinner with Francisco Lopez, Dana, Olivia Block, Alex, Eric Leonardson, Neil Jendon and his wife (sorry forget your name, and you were on the other end of the table) and Bryan.
I love the Chinese place under Elastic arts (probably why it's my favorite venue, I guess).
The show was fun, I took some photos below. I will leave you with Blake's review of the night, since he does it so much better than I do.
until later

Shattered Hymen kicked off the night kicking and screaming, like an army of radios on the fritz on a bad date with high tone desperation. Vadim toyed with the audience with some incredibly jagged high-tone stabs that yo-yo’d in and out of the mix, usually overrun by extremely abrasive digital screaming. Not one to just hold down 4 pedals and let them slowly twist your intestinal tract into a ribbon, though, there also were some nice moments that 1) sounded more like unprocessed field recordings swaying port and bow across the space and 2) were extremely crisp, so that although the sound was sparser the sound quality was still intense. That said, although Vadim probably could have stood to be even a bit louder (he noted some weirdness with the mixer levels), Shattered Hymen still satisfied, like a half dozen cheese graters dragged across your stomach.

Silvum stepped up with a nice quieter counterbalance; dirty oscillations and the delayed, echoic, shimmery moans of a cymbal being scraped. It was an extremely simple setup, but in a big way that helped make the set more of a “dedicated listening” piece; the audience was pretty much invited to be really quiet (which we were) so as to enjoy the subtle and slowly shifting changes in the oscillation tone (and its eq-ing) as well as the natural variance from the cymbal being rubbed in different patterns and with what I’m suspecting were variables with the processing. Although my initial thoughts on the set were a little more on the fence (i.e., I liked the idea of a quieter counterbalance to Vadim and forcing the audience to listen [as opposed to cover ears]), after letting it sink in and chatting with Nick later, I came to the conclusion outlined above. Of course, I still wonder how it would have played out had it been alarmingly loud, just a sheet of sound dragged over your face and blinding you...

I started out with an intentionally spectacularly cheesy synth version of “happy birthday”, made even more ridiculous by 1) emerson lake and palmer-esque fills and sweep / clip tweakage and 2) the fact that even though I ~marked~ the damn keys I still managed to mis-hit a few of the what, 8 notes in the song? Pure class, I tell ya.
Anyway, the frivolity slid away as I locked the last note of happy birthday, added some hard sweep and gristle and then brought in two no input distortion pedals pushing some really unpleasant high tone swarms and shifts. The high tones continued to sway and get under the skin for maybe 5 minutes and then I steered in a simple but heavy bass lurching from the synth that clipped in pretty nicely with the high tones, eventually building to such a level that they almost drowned them out. Other scraggly synth elements began swarming and overran the high tones and then shortwave confusion added another layer of high end pitch tweaking and ugly distortion blocks, depending on where the dial went. The set closed out with an ugly, dirty drone tone from the synth (that I didn’t exactly expect but really liked) that took about two minutes to completely decay.

Apparently, I was not to be the sole performer who threw folks with an unexpected intro; Mykel Boyd, who most folks know from the way he has beautifully mastered several flavors of drone (static sweepings to elaine radigue brightness) and the ability to weave and tweak said drones, started his set with a CD by Crooked, a south side rapper, for about 3 minutes. Nobody expected it and everybody got into it, so already out of the gate Mykel was off to a solid start. What followed Crooked was perhaps even better; as mentioned, he’s solid with incredibly complex drones—so instead he dug in with this abrasive, somewhat high-tone, loud chugging, like being stabbed with a dirty pitchfork made of serrated ice; it was a cold tone crunch that just split your head. Mykel proceeded into what for me was completely new live territory for him, delivering perhaps the noisiest and loudest set I’ve even heard him do. At times it was like we were trapped in an industrial recycling center with machines destroying machines in every corner of the space; other times I felt like I was in a spanish galleon made of steel with 45 people stabbing morse code into the side. Although we were treated to some grand bass tone sweeping, Mykel always kept a clip of chunked gristle to fire as necessary.

Birthday Boy Tholl also threw me for a loop, delivering a set sidestepping a lot of hallmarks of what I’ve seen before; the turntable didn’t have a prominent presence, there were no dramatic moment when he just punched everything and threw a kettle of distortion noise fireballs at us. Instead, he really pulled out long, invasive high tones—some dusted with shards of broken glass and some just blisteringly ear piercing, but a surprising amount of massaging the sound to keep it from being just high tone terror for the sake of it. Don’t get me wrong, there were some moments of unleashed distortion attacks, but for the most part the set seemed focused on really wrestling something from a smaller palette so as to explore (exploit?) that palette to it’s fullest. He also threw in a “cover” of sorts that may have been the high point of the set. I had mocked him earlier (for no real good reason) for having an ipod tucked among his gear, but he ended up playing the ditty from Silence of the Lambs (Goodbye Horses from Buffalo Bill’s mangina scene) and Bryan, although he didn’t dance mangina-style, did add his own noise contributions and it worked really, really well—reminded me of the Merzbow CD “Balance” which is Merzbow in one channel and this German pop woman (Ladybird) in the other and it’s absolutely magnificent, as was, really, Bryan’s “collaboration.”


Mykel Boyd

Shattered Hymen



Chicago July 5th

after a few weeks of downtime here is the rest of the story.
After returning home from Atlanta, I spent a couple of days in Kalamazoo, Mi. I (with family in tow) visited some beaches and one art museum. I did get to see the Lorna Simpson exhibit, I bought a signed copy of her book, making the trip worthwhile.
The morning of July 5th I headed to the airport to scoop up Francisco Lopez and his travel pal Dana. We made it traffic free to Enemy and prepared for the performance. Enemy was DAMN hot on this day (kinda knew this would happen). The show was opened by Jason Soliday who managed to tweak and screech his way to a 20 minute or so performance.
I performed next and was happy with my attempt to lull the crowd into some imaginary abyss. It was an odd performance for me, this was the first time I played at the back of the room with people facing away. This performance was recorded, but I need to see how it sounds to decide for sure if being in the back of the room was a good idea. Lopez went on next and despite his playing through a much smaller system than he is used to, easily took the prize for the night, moving sound all over the room. It was very nice to see so many people out, even nicer some of them purchased some c.d.s.
I took Francisco and Dana to the spot where they would sleep and headed back to Kankakee to prepare for the next nights event.
here are a few pics from the Lopez performance.
be seeing you

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Atlanta June 30th , 2007

Mykel Boyd flies to Atlanta to open for Francisco Lopez.
I started this fine day by driving myself to O'hare airport in Chicago. All was well.
Loaded myself and my small case of gear onto the plane and was excited to go. Having not been on planes too often in my life I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. As I was seated on the plane I realized how small this plane was. To edit all of the drama , let's just say, little plane = big bumpy ride and I once thought I feared nothing in life, now I know, I fear dying on an airplane. The flight back was smooth and wonderful, so I have not been defeated yet!

When I arrived in Atlanta I was quickly scooped up by Graham (of Blossoming noise label) and Travis (of NCC records). We had a bit of time to kill (waiting to pick up Francisco and Dana) so we chatted at the airport restaurant until their plane arrived.
Once everyone was on the ground we headed to the venue. Eyedrum was a gallery/artist co-op just outside downtown Atlanta. The sound system was good and the people were all very nice. In fact the entire crowd in Atlanta was very supportive. I got a chance to talk to people who had driven 12 hours to see this show as well as many locals. These people became my new best friends as they one by one purchased cd's and records from my merch table. Travis even took me for some pizza.
Black Natural opened the show by mixing elements of John Sharps (Mr. Natural) handmade noise maker( a tree branch of sorts rigged with a spring and contact mic) with Graham and Travis' e-bowed bass and synth washes. I thought their set was a bit short (since I was really enjoying it).

I went on next and proceeded to build the biggest thick wall of static I have been able to create yet. I played with the room pitch black with only several small candles lighting the stage.
I was very happy with my set and people seemed to really enjoy it.

Irene Moon played next and had some very nice organ drones going as well as some interesting vocal parts. I missed a bit of her set as I was trying to hydrate after my set (Atlanta is HOT.)

Francisco Lopez was the last performance of the night. He was playing through a 16 speaker system in the round. Lopez was seated in the center with chairs placed in a circle around him. He managed to move his sounds all around the space creating a virtual black hole sucking everyone in, just when you felt the sound taking over, he would release you into a field of insects or rain. This was the best performance from a sound artist I have ever been able to hear. I am very proud to have been asked to perform on the same bill as all of these artists.

Some photos of the event I took below. The photo of me on stage was taken by John Sharp.
I should also say thanks to everyone I met, everyone who purchased my sounds, Graham, Travis, John, Francisco, Dana and Eyedrum. I hope to return to Atlanta soon to do it all again.
be seeing you
mykel boyd

Black Natural

Irene Moon

Mykel Boyd

Mykel Boyd

one month later

When I started this blog I had intended to update it everyday. The last month has been so busy I decided just to save it all up for a giant update. I have finally recovered from the June 29th to July 7th week. It took me a long time to catch up on emails and sending out all of the orders that had piled up while I was out performing. But, if you ordered something from me, it is outta here and in your arms soon. I will leave this post with the news that the / mykel boyd split 7" should be ready for pre-orders to start next week. Also now available is this release:

The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition
Limited to 50 copies.
3" CD-R housed in a metal box w/obi strip and contain 2 velum inserts.
It will contain Parts 5-8 (Parts 1-4 were private editions limited to 8 copies on cassette and CD-R) .
$16.00 post paid in USA, $20 post paid the world!

for ordering info.

updates from my recent performances coming next.......

Sunday, June 24, 2007

early morning june 25th 2007

As the to do list gets longer and the performance schedule picks up speed, I realize. I'm tired.
tired, but excited.
I spent around an hour this past Saturday talking to John Stewart from the local newspaper, about my upcoming projects. It's always a nice feeling to know after the interview I had 20 other projects to talk about, but not enough time. I think there will be an article in the local paper Friday. I am getting ready to fly into Atlanta for a one night performance with Francisco Lopez. He will be doing the same next week for me, flying into Chicago for a show.
My last trip to Atlanta was lame, so I am hoping this one erases the bad memories from before.

I spent Wednesday night hanging out with the Chicago noise folks. Many back rooms deals were discussed as well as consuming some damn good pizza. It was a pleasure as always to see Magic is Kuntmaster pummel my senses with fog and red flashing lights. It was my first time seeing Burrow (my friends Blake and Bryan) collaborate. The high point of the night was hanging out with 16 Bitch Pileup. They are noise pros and if they come to your town in the future, you shouldn't miss it. I hope I get a chance to talk more with them on my trip to the Bay area later this year. Sarah even stabbed my table, what a gal. Pics below.
many project updates after July 6th. I will be preparing for these shows. please visit for ordering info and event dates and locations.
until later

16 Bitch Pileup


Magic is Kuntmaster

Friday, June 22, 2007

small review of Empty Bottle Show

Tuesday June 19th 2007, I performed at The Empty Bottle in Chicago.
The evening started off in fine form with Joe and Nicole of Rococo Records feeding me. Nicole also showed me why one should never sit to close to her when she is drinking root beer.
They gave me a BLACK METAL Rococo shirt. You can see it in the photos.
The two bands I was opening for were In The County (from Norway) and The Late Severa Wires (from Sante Fe, NM). I traded cd's and records with both groups. They were all really nice people. The only problem all night came from the almost 2 hour soundcheck In The Country took. I suppose when I go to Norway I will do the same? I enjoyed performing through the Bottle p.a. and my set was well received (but you never know for sure, are your friends gonna tell you you sucked?). Bryan (Is) took some good photos (below) and kept me entertained all night. I was happy to see Ed and Joel from Estesombelo and Sanford Parker come out as well. Overall a great night. Happy to do it again in the fall.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Secret post

We now have a myspace page with sound samples from "Radio Interference From Unknowm Orgasm" click and listen, then go to and buy it!

big show tomorrow, pics and such wednesday.
until then

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the big speaker

today I performed at The Hyde Park Arts Center in Chicago with Vertonen (Blake) I had a great time (my family even came out to watch this one). Thanks to all who came. Here is the pre-press from the Chicago Reader as well as Blake's review of the show and some photos.
news soon

Blake Edwards, aka Vertonen, and fellow Chicago sound artist Mykel Boyd will collaborate between solo sets at this afternoon show—and by proxy both will collaborate with sculptor Juan Angel Chavez, who built the installation they'll be playing in. His Speaker Project opened at the Hyde Park Arts Center in late April and has been hosting performances since May. Set inside a hangarlike space that's open to the street during shows, it's like a junkyard temple made from scrap wood, metal, glass bottles, PVC pipe, traffic cones, and two giant resonating horns. It creates a mind-altering landscape of sound that constantly morphs as listeners and performers move about, and the effect is especially intense at apocalyptic volumes—which this show promises to provide. Edwards says he'll play a custom-built two-oscillator pedal and a shortwave radio, and his duet with Boyd will exploit the acoustics of the installation: they'll use pairs of high or low frequencies tuned to interfere with each other (in theory you should only be able to hear one of the notes or a third between them, though which one depends on your position) and try to simulate electronic voice phenomena (EVP), the illusion of paranormal speech coalescing out of noise. Boyd plays first and Vertonen is last.
- Monica Kendrick
2 PM, Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 S. Cornell, 773-324-5520.

some notes on the june 10 sets...

Thanks to all who came out...
Mykel began with a flurry; static discharge, volume swells, electronics on the verge of collapse. A screed of static pulse looping / weaving, some metal bowl scraping and banging, high distorted bursts cascading and raining about; it wasn’t a relentless noise derailment—he had some moments of breathing—but it was consistently loud (at least inside the box) with a solid amount of dynamics and frequency manipulation. he also beat some of the metal plates of the speaker box with a microphone, the result coming over the speakers as harsh metallic punctuation that slowly decayed and was subsumed by other components of his sound palette. I will say that inside the installation it was a LOT louder than outside (I was inside the for most of his set, setting up my stuff for our segue and checking some material over headphones.) I did walk around the box a couple times during his set to see if things sounded ~that~ different from space to space and overall, with the exception of the face of the box that was all pylons that sounded pretty bassy, the sound wasn’t really altered noticeably. I say the best seats in the house were inside the speaker.
Our segue (about 20 min) went pretty well; I brought in some shortwave that clipped in nicely with Mykel’s bassier static loops, and my drone element did a decent job of swimming among the pre-existing sounds he began adding. Mykel brought his bowl back into the mix to work off some of my sounds, and we had a pretty decent back and forth and overlayering (plus some fine head scratchery “is that you or me doing that?”) And again, this is all from inside the box; I’m not sure how it translated outside. I’m sure Mykel’s wife and kids (the latter with their hands over their ears for most of Mykel’s set) would tell a slightly different tale. I also tried putting a few microcassette players in some of the pylons during our segue, but I have no idea if anyone came close enough to the sides to hear the different sounds I’d planted...
My solo set started off with good intent but I think fell apart about ten minutes in; the bass throbs from the oscillators were fine, but the material I was mixing on the laptop (two low frequencies) were pretty much too low for the PA to handle / replicate, and in what I consider a bad decision I tried to force the tones to “play nice” and do what they’d done at home over headphones by furiously working the eq’s and levels for the next few minutes; from where I was, it all just sounded like clipped crap. I then added ~another~ trio of bass tones (two more looped from the oscillators and one more from the computer) and while the 55 hz sounded pretty good from the laptop, the other two canceled each other (and the other two from the oscillator) out and left a bit of a void. In my mind, things were now in disarray; I had intended to run with multiple layers of bass material for about 15 minutes, working eq changes and panning changes to shift the sound inside (and outside) the space, and I was determined to make things work as they had done when I was jogging ideas at home. I kept at it for close to 15 minutes, trying to adjust levels, bring sounds in, take sounds out, basically flailing blindly while trying to find a solution I was happy with. Here and then peaks of decent sound came in, but I could never hold them. Oh yeah, and then this horrible feedback (i.e., not intended) crept in for which I could not find any logical source. Bringing in the shortwave helped a bit (filling the troughs of the bass tones), but it wasn’t the ideal solution.
Uncertain after the bass problems, I’d say the EVP “replication” didn’t work as intended, because the vocal sources were way too prominent due (primarily) to trying to resolve the feedback problems from the bass component. Unlike the bass clip clop, the vocal elements were satisfactory, even if not what I intended. I ended with a smattering of permutated organ drone and extremely pitch shifted voices and a fuzzy shifting pair of drones from the pedal with a lot of panning.
I also don’t know how successful the speaker itself served as a speaker, although that could be based more on the actual PA inside (and the material we each played, let's not kid ourselves...) Everything outside was quieter, there wasn’t a lot of variance in sound processing as I walked around the speaker during Mykel’s set, and a smattering of the folks who stopped in weren’t actually “interacting” with the speaker box (i.e., walking around it) to explore the different speaker cone ideas. I think I thought the speakerbox would have been constructed so that I could have, for example, played a single drone for 45 minutes and while I didn’t change anything substantially, to people outside it would be shifting / changing... and again, this is from someone who was primarily inside, so maybe it was doing what it was intended to...

from Blake

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

busy week

Things here are HQ are crackin. So, here we go. "Radio interference from unknown orgasm" is ready to ship. It is leaving here box by box this week. I am very proud of this one. Order it up at

also available
Mykel Boyd 3" cdr titled "October,1952" limited to 50 signed copies
Hand assembled sleeve with photo. 2 long sound pieces recorded for performances.
$14.00 post paid in USA, $18 post paid the world!

Next on the menu.
Allan Zane "the sperm of metals" 10th Anniversary Edition
limited to 50 copies. 3" cdr in metal tin,signed and numbered.
Looks like this.

Pre-orders start NOW.
$16.00 post paid in USA, $20 post paid the world!

Another update of upcoming releases will be coming in a week or so.
Until then here is some info on some upcoming live events.

Sunday, June 10th @ Hyde Park Arts Center Chicago,IL
I am performing between 2-3 p.m. with a half an hour collaboration with Vertonen leading into his set from 3-4 p.m.
Part of Juan Angel Chavez's Speaker Project
admission is FREE

Tuesday, June 19th 2007 at The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois
Cost : $7.00
with Late Severa Wires and In the Country (Norway)

Saturday, June 30th 2007 at Eyedrum
Suite 8, 290 MLK Jr. Drive SE Atlanta, Georgia 30312
withFrancisco Lopez, Darker Florida (Irene Moon), Black Natural (Mr. Natural & Graham of Blossoming Noise)

Thursday, July 5th 2007 at Enemy
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave (3rd Floor), Chicago, Illinois 60622
Jason Soliday, Mykel Boyd, Francisco Lopez solo sets from all three!

Friday, July 6th 2007 at Elastic Arts Foundation Chicago,IL
with Is and Silvum and TBA

Wednesday, October 10th
No Other Radio Network on KPFA Berkeley, California
Mykel Boyd live performance on the No Other Radio network, broadcasting on KPFA, out of Berkeley,CA for MIDNIGHT on Tuesday, Oct 9th (oct 10th morning).

Sunday, Oct. 14th. 2007 at The Space Theater Sacramento, Ca
NorCal Noise Fest
until later

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Live Photo from last weekend.

I will provide a complete label and show update tomorrow.
for now, here is a photo from my May 26th performance @ Boris Karloft in Chicago,IL
photo by Mark.
Hot Tapes ( good stuff!!!) also played as well as Deathroes (who I missed, but I hear they were great).
until tomorrow

Monday, May 21, 2007

project status.

As a service to you the fans and a reminder list to myself I present the following info.
This is an up to date status on current projects.

"Radio interference from unknown orgasm" c.d. compilation.
Prints are in the hands of one Val Denham in UK for signing. Cd's are pressed and inserted into cases. They have been shipped. Project nearing completion. Emails will be sent the day these ship to pre-order buyers.

Allan Zane
"The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition"
Metal boxes and printing materials are here. Cd's on the way. Release date looks to be June 23rd?

Split 7" featuring and Mykel Boyd
Master recordings are at the bunker in Denver. Once I ok reference laquer, off to the pressing plant. Paper is ordered, still waiting on quotes for artist edition prints.
All art is complete. Summer release date TBD.

Split 7" featuring Painting Petals on Planet Ghost and Mykel Boyd
Paper is ordered. Art is finished. Masters are in hand. Waiting on Polaroids from Japan to complete artists edition. Summer release date TBD.

Split 12" featuring Rapoon and Mykel Boyd
Masters are in hand. I am waiting for quotes for sleeves and artist edition prints. Summer release date TBD.

Split 12" featuring Mykel Boyd and Vertonen
I am still working on the recordings for this one. We also still need to decide on art for sleeve.
Early fall release date.

These will be the first new Somnimage releases to see light. There are of course others in the works just not as near release time. Pre-orders will be available for many of these in a few weeks.
Thanks for all of the emails about these projects.

I have a very few copies remaining of the Francisco Lopez/Mykel Boyd split 10" lathe. Order now or loose out.
be seeing you

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

thanks again

Thanks this time to everyone who came out to my performance at Elastic Arts last night.
I really like this venue and will return this summer on July 6th to do it all again.
I am tired, but will have some news in the next few days.
until then

Monday, May 14, 2007


Thanks to everyone who emailed about the radio show. I'm very happy that so many people were listening (all over the world, thanks internet!). Thanks to my brother Mark for helping me lug my gear around (I was tired) and of course thanks to
Philip von Zweck for letting me perform.

Tomorrow I make my debut at Triage at Elastic Arts in Chicago. Please do come along if you can.

on a sadder note
Italian composer Marco Corbelli, of Atrax Morgue and Mörder Machine, died by his own hand this past Sunday, May 6.

Marco and I traded c.d's and records for many years. I always enjoyed his postcards and letters.
I am very sorry to get this news.

be seeing you

Friday, May 11, 2007

long over due update

Here is an update of current and upcoming projects.
The letterpress prints for the artists edition of "Radio interference from unknown orgasm" are on the way to UK to be signed by Val Denham. Here is what they look like (with plate too!).

The booklets and traycards look great and are on the way to the cd pressing plant to be assembled. I think I should have the finished product in 2 weeks.
So, if you want the artists edition visit and order NOW!

Almost ready to go the the mastering lab and the printer is the / mykel boyd split 7". Pre-orders will be available soon. Artists edition will have one 10" letterpress print by each artist.

Soon after will be Vertonen/Mykel Boyd collaboration 12" and Rapoon/ Mykel Boyd 12"

The Francisco Lopez/Mykel Boyd Lathe cut 10" is selling fast. If you want one , you know the drill.

Many other projects in various stages of completion, more news on those when it's available.


I will be performing on Sunday, May 13th 2007 at Something Else on WLUW 88.7 fm
Live on-air performance


Tuesday, May 15th 2007 Triage @ Elastic Arts Foundation Chicago,IL
jason soliday...... labycz / roebke / guillermo

Here is a write up from the Chicago Reader for the Elastic Arts show.

  • Tuesday 15

  • Mykel Boyd
    There's nothing but bird sounds on "Oiseaux Part Five," Mykel Boyd's side of a split eight-inch record he released on his Somnimage label, but you'd never know it from listening to the thing. Boyd, a local sound artist, has used a combination of acoustic and electronic processes to transform his source material into layered and deeply involving musique concrete, with jet-engine whooshes and electronic whistles folding into each other against a backdrop that sounds like a distant choir. For tonight's performance, using four small tape players and some contact mikes, he'll blend looped field recordings of fire, water, wind, and stones with the ringing of a bowed brass bowl. Jason Soliday and the trio of Jason Roebke, Guillermo Gregorio, and Brian Labycz open. On Sunday, May 13, Boyd performs live on the WLUW radio show Something Else, at 88.7 FM or from 10 PM till 2 AM.
    - Bill Meyer
    8 PM, Elastic, 2830 N. Milwaukee, 773-772-3616.

I am in talks at the moment to perform in Atlanta and NYC this summer as well.
Looks to be a busy year!
be seeing you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

guess who?

I am very proud of this by (c)Jenny Akita
news tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


here is a review just in from

number 574 week 18

MYKEL BOYD/FRANCISCO LOPEZ (10" Lathe Cut by Somnimage)
Maybe you have seen the word Lathe Cut before, and you don't what it is? It's a piece of thin plastic, in which grooves are cut with music. It's done only (as far as I know) by Peter King in New Zealand. There are several people who collect what he cuts, since the editions can be very small - fifteen is the minimum I believe - and they can turn out to be true collectors items. The sound is not always too great, and can't be compared to vinyl. On the split record by Mykel Boyd and Francisco Lopez - limited to a mere sixty copies - this disadvantage has been used as an advantage. Mykel Boyd, who released this on his own Somnimage label (who also released an excellent set of three Hafler Trio 7"s in a wooden box), uses field recordings from Stonehenge, and which sound like a small campfire and a far away overhead plane or car passing. The static crackles of the fire are perhaps (!) processed into loops, and mingle nicely with the crackles of the lathe cut itself. Something similar does Francisco Lopez on the other side. Here he manipulates eight two second samples by one Luis Marte. It's not easy to tell what these samples should sound like, but Lopez creates a dense pattern with them, and after a slow start, things go up in volume quite a bit and the hiss and crackle become alive. At one point half way through there is even a bit of rhythm to be traced and that is something which is really an odd ball in the work of senor Lopez. When it cuts out towards the end, Lopez cleverly leaves some space blank on his master, but of course on a lathe cut there is nothing such as silence and the blank space is therefore nicely filled with more hiss. Nice exploitation of what some could see a disadvantage. Great record. (FdW) = Frans de Waard

yet another performance

Sunday, June 10th @ Hyde Park Arts Center Chicago,IL
performing between 2-3 p.m. with a half an hour collaboration with Vertonen leading into his set from 3-4 p.m.
Part of Juan Angel Chavez's Speaker Project
admission is FREE

We will be playing through a 25 foot speaker!
more news soon

Friday, April 27, 2007

new press photo

This is me Mykel Boyd in my new press photo. Shot by my wife Kelee.
This was made in haste for an upcoming write up in The Chicago Reader, and yes I feel special.
next to me is my work in progress sound art machine.
more news this weekend.
be seeing you

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

another night

In an attempt to make this blog more interesting I have been holding back bits and pieces of info.
I have many projects going at once and it gets a bit old to say "went to the printer, talked to the pressing plant".
So here is some solid news. I will be performing Tuesday June 19th at the empty bottle in chicago.
There will be other acts as well, more info to come.
I have been working on a more compact set-up for the upcoming live shows. This is important for the california shows this fall, since I don't want to bring too much heavy gear. So far it looks like I will be playing in SF, Oakland and Sacramento as well as a couple of radio shows.
I got the mock-up from my upcoming photo book and exhibit in spain last week, that's it up there.
I will leave with that for now.
more news soon

Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday night.

Last night I went to the Z'ev show at the Empty Bottle.
It was a pretty good night of various noise/odd projects. Magic is Kuntmaster opened the show with a twitchy set of foggy room techno noise. Not what I expected but pretty cool anyway. Camilla gave me some of her cd's which I will be checking out tonight. Very nice to meet her 2 sets of dancing girls, the bloody ones and the not-bloody ones. Also very nice to get to hang out with Usama, Kristie, Bryan, Crystal, Andy and anybody else I forgot.
Vertonen was next on the bill. I don't think I will ever get tired of watching Blake send waves of static and sound blasts into the air. Sikhara was next. I can't say I enjoyed this one, even though I had high hopes at the start of the night. Z'ev was great as one would expect. He managed to keep most of the audience watching as he hammered out rhythms on metal. Overall good stuff.
tonight I recover.
be seeing you

Monday, April 16, 2007

sold out

Here is a quick update on recent sell outs.

The following releases are gone!

Wyrm / Mykel Boyd
8" Lathe Cut Record (shaped like a triangle)

Mykel Boyd and Allan Zane
"trace elements" 4 cdr set in silk screened wooden box

Mykel Boyd / Is
"..." 3" cdr

Some of these may be re-released in some form this summer. Or maybe not.
until next time

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Francisco Lopez / Mykel Boyd 10" lathe cut

Francisco Lopez / Mykel Boyd
10" Lathe Cut Record
Plain White Sleeve, Limited to 60 copies
Price $30.00
Shipping $7.00 USA, $10.00 Rest of the World

Already being made at the secret cave in New Zealand is a split 10" lathe cut record featuring Spanish sound
artist Francisco Lopez and Mykel Boyd. This one will be packaged in a plain white sleeve (much like Mr. Lopez's other releases).

order now or miss out.

Monday, April 9, 2007

no news but art

visit for ordering info
Top pic is the print from the "artists edition" (the final version will be on light brown paper)

Friday, April 6, 2007


Many projects going on at once. There should be a mess of records out this summer.
I have started to work out all of the details of the upcoming live performances I am doing.
So far upcoming dates are:

Mykel Boyd live

Sunday, May 13th 2007 at Something Else on WLUW 88.7 fm

Tuesday, May 15th 2007 Triage @ Elastic Arts Foundation Chicago,IL

Saturday, May 26th 2007 @ Nihilist Chicago,IL

Friday, July 6th 2007 Elastic Arts Foundation Chicago,IL

October, 19 2007 at NorCal Noise Fest Sacramento, Ca

more news when it's available
be seeing you

Monday, April 2, 2007

website updated

April 2nd, 2007

Welcome to another late update.
Some things have changed, some things have stayed the same.
All of the lathe cuts that were announced have now been switched to real pressed vinyl.
The main reason for this is the demand for these releases. I want to make sure everyone who is interested gets a copy.
You can always pre-order these releases (if you are the patient type). This will insure you get a copy.
I have been keeping a blog on our activities here.
Check it out from time to time for current label news.

Here is the status of several projects

"Radio interference from unknown orgasm".
This cd will feature new tracks from Merzbow, Wyrm, The Sword Volcano Complex, Mykel Boyd,
Massimo & Pierce (of black sun productions) and Val Denham (who also did the wonderful art for this release).
This cd is at the pressing plant NOW.

There will also be a limited artists edition featuring a signed/numbered
letterpress print from Val Denham.
Pre-orders for standard and artists edition are available here.

Back any day from the secret cave in New Zealand is a split 10" lathe cut record featuring Spanish sound
artist Francisco Lopez and Mykel Boyd. This one will be packaged in a plain white sleeve (much like Mr. Lopez's other releases).
Pre-orders are available here.

Next off to the press will be.

Split 12" featuring Rapoon and Mykel Boyd
This snazzy 12" will appear in two editions.
Standard black vinyl in silkscreened sleeve limited to 200 copies.

Artists edition on white vinyl with 10" letterpress prints from each artist, signed/numbered
. Limited to 100 copies
Pre-orders available soon.

Split 7" featuring Painting Petals on Planet Ghost and Mykel Boyd
PPOPG is The Opalio Brothers from My cat is an Alien (Italy's finest) and Ramona Ponzini.
This 7" will be limited to 300 copies all on white vinyl.
There will also be a signed/numbered art edition (details still in the works).
Pre-orders available soon.

also available this summer will be.

The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition
Limited to 50 copies.
3" CD-R embedded in a clear 5" disc
It will be housed in a metal box w/obi strip and contain 2 velum inserts.
It will contain Parts 5-8 (Parts 1-4 were private editions limited to 8 copies on cassette and CD-R) .
Pre-orders available SOON.

I will be out doing some live performances in support of these new releases.
Check the events page for all the info you need.

As usual thanks for your support and If you have any questions please find my info on the contact page.
until soon
Mykel Boyd

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

tuesday night allergy meds overdose

I have been in a medication coma today. Lots of little allergens floating in the unusually warm weather. But, there is news. I have wrapped up many details on many upcoming releases. So, here is some of the new info.

Rapoon + Mykel Boyd split 12"
Originally meant to be a lathe cut record, is now a pro-pressed work of art.
I have the incredible master recording from Mr. Storey in my hands. We have worked out the details of this release. There will be 2 editions. The "limited art edition" will include one 10" letterpress print from each artist. All signed and numbered. The edition size will be 100 on white vinyl. The standard edition will be 200 copies on black vinyl (no prints).
Pre-orders will be available soon. The sleeves for both editions will be silver ink on black paper, silk screened too!

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost + Mykel Boyd split 7"
Another release meant to be a lathe now pro-pressed.
The masters for this release are ready to be sent to the pressing plant very soon. We have decided 300 copies on white vinyl. The first 100 will have signed card (and perhaps art).

I will update soon on the mykel boyd splits with, estesombelo, vertonen and more.

I am excited to announce some upcoming shows. I will provide more details as these draw closer. Here is the info I have now.

Tuesday, May 15th. 2007 @ TRIAGE @ elastic arts in Chicago,IL
curated by Blake from

Saturday, May 26th. 2007 @ Nihilist Chicago,IL
with Deathroes (a collaborative duo of SIXES & GERRITT), Panicsville and Hot Tapes.

October 19, 20, 21, 2007 Nor Cal Noise Fest in Sacramento, CA

We are also working on my return to The Empty Bottle in Chicago. we are shooting for june.

ok that's all I can remember for now.
off to medicate

Friday, March 16, 2007

small update

I am still trying to recover from last weekend. After seeing Vertonen, Soliday/Solotroff, Failing Lights, Demons, Dead Machines, Joe Colley and Jason Lescalleet, Panicsville, Cock esp, Mr. Natural and Costes perform. 3 nights of loud noise/quiet noise and in between.
I will give a proper review of these shows over the weekend.
But now exciting news.

Mykel Boyd / Vertonen 3" cdr is now a 12" record. Yes, it's just that good. It will be limited to 300 copies and be off to the press very soon.

full update on all projects this weekend.
until then

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

work and spring may spring here soon.

I have never been one to complain about the weather, but this year I have had enough.
I am ready to see sunlight and open the windows. With that said, all is well at Somnimage HQ.
I will be fighting The Dan Ryan expressway all this coming weekend. So, below is show info, if you wanna come along or just say hello I will be here. Also please read the note from Nate Young of Demons and Wolf Eyes. Donate if you can. And YOU CAN.
I managed to finish up the "interference from unknown orgasm" comp tonight. This will be off to the press on monday. I also talked to Peter King in New Zealand. The Francisco Lopez/Mykel Boyd 10" Lathes will be on the aeroplane over the sea next week! until later

Friday, March, 9 PM Enemy (1550 N. Milwaukee Ave; 10 PM; $5 suggested donation)
A Michigan invasion of the highest order! --
Demons (Nate Young and Steve Kenney bring their synth terror fest to Chicago for some beautiful audio carnage and bliss; their Frozen Fog LP lurched through ice walls, and we're anticipating an excellent set from them...)--Dead Machines (John and Tovah Olson's project lives up to its name: high tones and collapsing electronics swim through to an inevitable and beautiful end... ) --Failing Lights (Mike Connelley makes the Wolf Eyes trifecta complete with a rare solo performance)--Jason Soliday and Mark Solotroff (these gents have been hammering out the brutality for a few months and their fangs are starting to grown in, that's for certain) --Vertonen (another pendulum swing into gristle and groan, although I might bring the synth out for unity...)

March 10th 9pm
6ODUM 6ODUM is located at 2116 W. Chicago Ave., approximately 4 miles from downtown Chicago, on the city's near northwest side.

March, 11 2007 at MORON VILLAGE
33rd/Morgan, Chicago, Illinois Cost : $10

Message from Nate Young of Wolf Eyes / AArecords.
REPOST FROM NATE YOUNG.---------------------------------------Hey everyone, On the morning of Feb 24th my brother Peter Young was in a fire. He was injured with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 30-44% of his body. Neighbors reported seeing him coming out of his apartment unharmed only to see him run back in to save his dog Little John. The smoke and heat over took Pete as soon as he reentered the apartment. Pete was found unconscious and burning by Brighton Police and Fire Department who rushed him over to the U of M hospital. His apartment was completely destroyed and Little John did not make it. Pete has no medical insurance or insurance on his apartment which he owns. He is undergoing surgery for skin grafts and has not been conscious yet. He will be in the hospital for at least 2-3 months.I am asking for donations to help my family with some of the medical bills and the rebuilding of his apartment. I have set up a paypal account in Pete's name. There are over 1000 members on this board, if everyone donates at least $1 that will be a big help.Please paypal donations to Peter.B.Young (at) gmail (dot) com Please try to pay the paypal fee if paying from a credit or debit card.Pete first introduced me to punk, psychedelic rock and noise - the music that inspired me the most as a kid. He also painted the cover for the first Wolf Eyes album released on Bulb. Without him Wolf Eyes may not have ever existed. I hope you'll help me give him something back. With much thanks,Nate Young

Friday, March 2, 2007

more too much

I have been working hard on new projects and trying not to give in to the urge to propose more.
Seems like my creative side tends to beat the hell out of my business side. Lots of great ideas but who will pay for them all? Maybe I need to sell Somnimage stock?
I went to The Empty Bottle to check out Estesombelo's set. It was nice and dreamy. The addition of video projection and harpist were a great idea. I will soon have a 3" split release with these lads. You can here what they do at
They opened for Charalambides. But we left after one song from these seemingly popular pseudo gothsters.
Many many shows coming up soon, like Demons, Joe Colley and Costes. more on these next week. until then

Monday, February 26, 2007

ice storm again

I have been busy with many "in the works" projects. I now have in my hands, master recordings from Painting Petals on Planet Ghost, Rapoon and
All of these should see light before years end. Just a little bit of art and manufacturing to go.

I had planned on going to Chicago on Saturday to see Vertonen. I didn't make it because the mother of all ice storms managed to keep me in (and the power loss all over didn't help either.

Many shows coming up in the next few weeks. I will report on these soon. until then.................

Friday, February 16, 2007

almost forgot

Jean-Francois Fecteau will premiere a new track by Mykel Boyd titled "Je suis dans le trou " made just for his 500th radio show called Le Vestibule.
Saturday night from 9 PM to 11 PM on CFOU 89.1 FM, the University of Trois-Rivieres radio station. go to to listen live.
Check it out if you can. I'm not sure of the time zone??? I will try and listen too.

I'm back

I have been away from bloggerland for a bit. Here is what has been happening.
I managed to finally lock down the track list for the upcoming compilation cd titled "Radio interference from unknown orgasm". I hope to actually have this off to the press soon. Still waiting on the Francisco Lopez/Mykel Boyd split lathe. Any day!
In the mail this week I got the master for the upcoming split vinyl release with Rapoon. I am blown away by how good it is. More news on this release soon.

It was nice to get hammered by a blizzard here in the midwest this week. I managed to watch
"the science of sleep" and "the grudge 2" both of which kept me entertained.
I am really in love with asian horror films this year. A Tale of Two Sisters is one of my favorites.

Following in the footsteps of Allan Zane from Wyrm News.
I have started working on a new collaboration with Kenji Satori. He is a cyber punk writer from Japan. You can read all about him here.
Allan will be releasing WYRM featuring Kenji Siratori 'Artificial Sun' CD on the RoilNoise label very soon.

I will soon be sending the masters for a c-20 cassette tape (yes a tape) to be released on The amazing PsychForm label. No title yet.
Mr. Zane just released 'Gnothi Seauton' a c-20, limited to 50 copies and including a PTV cover!

I'm still digging through Peter Watson's "The Modern Mind". This book has been great in giving me ideas for new sounds and art.

more news soon.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

feeling better and then a snow storm

I started feeling much better today. I know this is the case because I started freaking out about all of the stuff I have to do.
It snowed almost 9 inches today here.
I spent most of the work day looking over paper samples and trying to get ready for the taxes, that I dread every year.
I will be back to more interesting posts later this week. I am in recovery mode at the moment.
til then

Saturday, February 3, 2007

almost back

I managed to do a few constructive things today. I started feeling a tiny bit better but it comes and goes. Today I ..........

Added Ram to the office computer
Started working on my tracks for various collaborations. Some new some old.
Watched Shop girl dvd..........still not sure what I thought about it, but it was a good distraction from being sick.
Watched The Black Cauldron dvd. I liked this one but wondered why Disney hid it away all those years?

My Heiko Muller painting came a few days back. It is as beautiful as I thought it would be.
I also got a wonderful book (handmade) from my friend and artist Eileen Arnow.
I plan on listening to all the cd's friends have been sending and catching up on shipping this weekend.
thanks for reading

Thursday, February 1, 2007

sleep and more sleep

I have been fighting off some illness and finally gave in and got an antibiotic today.
So, to all the people I owe packages , I hope to have them in the mail early next week.
I have in my hands the master for the Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd split lathe. This will be sent off to New Zealand in a week or so. Robin Storey emailed me yesterday saying his master is on the way. While I have been sick I have been dreaming of record sleeves. This is always a good sign. I just wish I had the energy to work on this stuff.
so, I am back to dreamland. more news soon

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have been working hard on answering emails and mailing packages. It always amazes me at the amount of catching up there is to be done after I rest for a day or two. I have started drinking an enormous amount of orange juice trying to kill off whatever has been making me so tired. I hope to finish up the compilation cd and get it off to the press within the next 10 days.
Here are pictures from Enemy on Saturday the 2oth. But first the snowman that was living in my front yard. thanks to Nozmo for some airplay in california.
Psychoacoustic Soundclash with Nozmo King. Saturdays, 3-6 PM (PT)KFJC 89.7 FM (
and also thanks to Philip von Zweck on WLUW 88.7 Chicago
Something Else is a weekly radio program on WLUW 88.7 fm Chicago. 10pm to 2am on Sundays.
more news soon

Illusion of Safety


Monday, January 22, 2007

the weekend is over

greetings travellers.
I went to Enemy in Chicago on Saturday night. I watched Blake of Vertonen try out a new set up. This was the second time I have seen him live and I have been extremely impressed each time, by totally different sets. I also talked to Vadim (shattered hymen) about doing a release on his label. Sexual Freedom opened the show with a fierce wall of sound and black stocking caps too! Illusion of Safety ended the night with over an hour long set (too long in my opinion).
There were moments of really great stuff, but overall I think they noodled around too much.
I will probably be playing a set at Enemy in April. I'll keep you posted.
I will post some pictures of this event this week.
I'm not sure if it's the complete lack of sunlight or just the super speed level of activity I have been keeping up, but I spent the last two days resting and trying to get mentally set.
I did manage to play in the snow with my family for a bit but that just made me sleepy.
This week I will finish up the master for the upcoming compilation cd.
I will also start in on the dreaded tax box. Every year I say, I am going to keep track of this mess better, then Jan. rolls around and I have the same big box of receipts and papers.
This year of course I will start doing a better job.
be seeing you

Friday, January 19, 2007

urgh: a noise war

greetings traveller.
I have had urgh: a music war on the tv as I worked on photos tonight. I gotta tell ya, if you don't know who Gang of Four is you need to look into it. Always have been one of my faves.
I went to The Empty Bottle Show on Wednesday night. It was nice to see old friends and new. I was blown away as usual by the set IS performed. I will post more photos later as I am still converting the shots from the night. I will tell you this. I was really surprised by Ghost Ice. A great wall of noise act, came on stage wreaked havoc and then disappeared. Impressed as usual with Panicsville. The other performers that night were ok, just not much in the "originality" dept. I will be attending the show at Enemy in Chicago on Saturday night. Vertonen and Illusion of Safety and another artist will be performing. more news soon, many project still in the infancy stages.
Most important of these a split 12" on white vinyl with IS. I will leave you with a few pics of his set.
be seeing you

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

more work

greetings travellers
Today I mailed many a package, out of here today were packages to Japan, Belgium, Italy, and Northern Ireland.
I also worked on several tracks for possible collaborations. These being Estesombelo, Panicsville and Vertonen.
I also completed a 1.8 second loop for a lock groove compilation.
I also finished a track for Le Vestibule Radio show in Canada. More info on this when it is about to air.
Things here at Somnimage are rolling along. I have managed to plan enough releases to keep my busy for 2 years. Sometimes I get a bit of record label burnout and I need to take a break. Recent obsessions are as follows.

Heiko Muller

I bought this painting from Heiko in early December. It should be delivered to me any day now.
I was planning to use it for my "oiseau" 3" cd. I will have to wait and see how the scans look. Either way Heiko is a great artist and a hell of a guy.

Ras El Hanout

This is a nifty little Moroccan spice. Since I started planning the trip to Morocco (and well before) I have been in love with Moroccan food.

In my CD player this week (besides all of the experimental Cd's I listen to most of the day).

Stuart Staples "leaving songs"
Townes Van Zandt (giant 4 CD box set)

Also started reading:
Modern Mind: An Intellectual History of the 20th Century by Peter Watson
Seems to cover a wide variety of interesting topics, guaranteed to help me beat my daughters at Jeopardy.

For my eyes, still watching an episode a night of The Prisoner.

be seeing you