Monday, November 5, 2007

back to real time

now that you have been updated on the tour, back to our irregular flow of info.
I have two upcoming performances.

12/18/2007 08:00 PM
Elastic Arts
2830 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl Chicago, Illinois 60618
Triage with Series Founders, Neil Jendon and tba.

01/08/2008 08:00 PM
The Empty Bottle in Chicago
with augment, body collector, raperies (like draperies), mykel boyd, Shattered hymen, is and the rita

Saturday, November 3, 2007

tour recall part two

Tour Photos are here.

One day of rest and it's off to the airport at 3 a.m.
Many road blocks in my way, heard later someone threw a body onto I-57.
Meet Winters in Osaka at airport.
Early flight into Oakland, scoop up rental car.
First thing I see on the California highway, a car on it's side. welcome to Cali.

Spent the day in Berkeley. Bought the Young Marble Giants cd set @ Amoeba ,Andy (of maleficia) convinced the buyer (his boss) to purchase some of my records, this made me happy and able to afford some Curry, visited Moe's Books.
Drove to San Francisco for performance.

Very hard to recall all of the people we met and what they did for performances. I will give some simple descriptions of what I remember. Recordings exist of all of my sets and all of the winters in Osaka sets. So, I will let later releases of these shows tell these tales.

The 5lowershop San Francisco ,CA
AMIR COYLE ( I loved it, looped vocals and screams, other people thought it was lame.)
BULLSHIT DETECTOR ( showed up late, nice set of noise and tortured machine gear)
ACWAY ( interesting mix of broken gear, I really enjoyed this set,
NERFBAU (2 guys with laptops and doing noise)
TELEPATHIK FRIEND (psychedelic monsters stomping and groaning in costumes)

It rained inside this warehouse space. Covered in graffiti, small labs (of what) all around, many people in many small “rooms” doing what? Very interesting to say the least. People were all very nice. They paid us, so all is well. spent a bit of time climbing hills and taking pics.

Off to drive to LA. Eric from WIO forgets his backpack of clothes.
We end up staying somewhere between SF and LA. Wake up early and hit the road.
Saw some mountains, cows and a few gas stations. Arrive in LA.

Wednesday October 10th
Vlagrant Los Angeles CA
Albert Ortega (Albert’s set was one of the best I saw on this tour, pure tone genius, 3d audio!)

We attempted to see record stores in LA. Got lost many times, ended up eating Mexican food and hanging out with our host Leticia Castaneda. She fed us sweet Armenian bread. Mitchell Brown did DJ duty and played lots of interesting organ tunes. Met a Russian named Gago, not sure what he does, but he was very funny. Everyone in LA treated us well. We had a place to sleep, shower and perform to a small crowd.
Overall very good night.

Woke up early and headed back north to Oakland.
Arrived early to the venue, ate some pizza. Set up gear.

Thursday October 11th
Brutal sound effects festivel #43
21 Grand Oakland, CA
Pink Canoes (interesting group of improvisers)
Kukie Matter (incredible video and sound artist)
Mr. Mercury Goes To Work (creepy metal masked man, making beautiful tinkering sounds)
Head Boggle Domo (rhythmic noise)

This was my favorite show of the tour. Many friends showed up. People at 21 Grand were very professional. Grux is a cool guy and picks great line-ups. Had time to talk to Lisa, Marcelo, and Andy.
sent the WIO kids to sleep at the home of a former circus performer. Thanks to Lisa and Marcelo for the place to sleep/shower.

Friday October 12th
Started the day off by picking up WIO. Getting a bagel and coffee. Chatted with Joe Colley and Noella at Issues.
Joe gave me some great cd's

Since we had the day off from performing, we drove to SF (to get erics backpack).
We managed to visit City lights bookstore and drive around in the freezing cold rain, looking for the other Amoeba. Getting lost was starting to become all too common so we headed back to Oakland.

Lisa took us to dinner at an Eretrian Restaurant. We were served our own bread to scoop up the chicken, lamb and beef. Incredible dinner. Then off to Sacramento to the Norcal Noisefest.

We arrived at The Luna café in time to catch Tarantula princess, Redglaer and Xome.
Crashed out on the hardwood floor at EMRL space.

Saturday, October 13th
Spent most of this day at the Norcal fest. Managed to do a bit of shopping. Saw lots of noise artists.
Some were great like Sixes and T/R. Some were lame as all hell.
At this point we are all “over” Sacramento. But, still have to perform the next day.
Crashed out on the hardwood floor at EMRL space.

Sunday, October 14th
Norcal Noisefest
Sacramento, Ca

Wake early. Eat waffles. Get blown away by KAWAIIETLY PLEASE and Michelle Webb.
Chat for a bit with Klowd,Lob, das and Ninah from Big City Orchestra.
Play the fest , say our goodbyes and off to motel 6 Oakland for next days flight out.

Monday, October 15th
Painless return of the rental car and hangout at the airport before the flight home.
Seated next to a jazz musician. I strike up a conversation. We realize we know many of the same people. I am always amazed at how small the world really is.
Plane lands, drive home. Tour over. But the kennel cough I got in SF remains.