Sunday, October 21, 2007

tour recall part one

Back from tour for over a week. trying to catch up, managed to bring home a cold from sunny California.
I have been working on photos from the tour. Here is a small recap.

Mykel Boyd + Winters In Osaka
October Tour

Sunday October 7th @ Enemy Chicago, IL
with Envenomist + Mark Solotroff

Started off the tour with a great show.
It was 3 million degrees inside Enemy. Chicago marathon even had to shut down early.
Solotroff worked feedback magic. Envenomist droned and hummed with several synths.
Winters in Osaka started the show with an incredible and short blast. I actually nodded out (a bit) during my set, only to be snatched back into reality by realizing there were people watching me.
Overall very nice way to start the tour.

photos from Enemy

Mykel Boyd by Eric

Winters in Osaka by MB

more pics from Enemy at the Bloodyminded Flickr site

even more pics available from Kathleen Pingleton