Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have been working hard on answering emails and mailing packages. It always amazes me at the amount of catching up there is to be done after I rest for a day or two. I have started drinking an enormous amount of orange juice trying to kill off whatever has been making me so tired. I hope to finish up the compilation cd and get it off to the press within the next 10 days.
Here are pictures from Enemy on Saturday the 2oth. But first the snowman that was living in my front yard. thanks to Nozmo for some airplay in california.
Psychoacoustic Soundclash with Nozmo King. Saturdays, 3-6 PM (PT)KFJC 89.7 FM (
and also thanks to Philip von Zweck on WLUW 88.7 Chicago
Something Else is a weekly radio program on WLUW 88.7 fm Chicago. 10pm to 2am on Sundays.
more news soon

Illusion of Safety


Monday, January 22, 2007

the weekend is over

greetings travellers.
I went to Enemy in Chicago on Saturday night. I watched Blake of Vertonen try out a new set up. This was the second time I have seen him live and I have been extremely impressed each time, by totally different sets. I also talked to Vadim (shattered hymen) about doing a release on his label. Sexual Freedom opened the show with a fierce wall of sound and black stocking caps too! Illusion of Safety ended the night with over an hour long set (too long in my opinion).
There were moments of really great stuff, but overall I think they noodled around too much.
I will probably be playing a set at Enemy in April. I'll keep you posted.
I will post some pictures of this event this week.
I'm not sure if it's the complete lack of sunlight or just the super speed level of activity I have been keeping up, but I spent the last two days resting and trying to get mentally set.
I did manage to play in the snow with my family for a bit but that just made me sleepy.
This week I will finish up the master for the upcoming compilation cd.
I will also start in on the dreaded tax box. Every year I say, I am going to keep track of this mess better, then Jan. rolls around and I have the same big box of receipts and papers.
This year of course I will start doing a better job.
be seeing you

Friday, January 19, 2007

urgh: a noise war

greetings traveller.
I have had urgh: a music war on the tv as I worked on photos tonight. I gotta tell ya, if you don't know who Gang of Four is you need to look into it. Always have been one of my faves.
I went to The Empty Bottle Show on Wednesday night. It was nice to see old friends and new. I was blown away as usual by the set IS performed. I will post more photos later as I am still converting the shots from the night. I will tell you this. I was really surprised by Ghost Ice. A great wall of noise act, came on stage wreaked havoc and then disappeared. Impressed as usual with Panicsville. The other performers that night were ok, just not much in the "originality" dept. I will be attending the show at Enemy in Chicago on Saturday night. Vertonen and Illusion of Safety and another artist will be performing. more news soon, many project still in the infancy stages.
Most important of these a split 12" on white vinyl with IS. I will leave you with a few pics of his set.
be seeing you

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

more work

greetings travellers
Today I mailed many a package, out of here today were packages to Japan, Belgium, Italy, and Northern Ireland.
I also worked on several tracks for possible collaborations. These being Estesombelo, Panicsville and Vertonen.
I also completed a 1.8 second loop for a lock groove compilation.
I also finished a track for Le Vestibule Radio show in Canada. More info on this when it is about to air.
Things here at Somnimage are rolling along. I have managed to plan enough releases to keep my busy for 2 years. Sometimes I get a bit of record label burnout and I need to take a break. Recent obsessions are as follows.

Heiko Muller

I bought this painting from Heiko in early December. It should be delivered to me any day now.
I was planning to use it for my "oiseau" 3" cd. I will have to wait and see how the scans look. Either way Heiko is a great artist and a hell of a guy.

Ras El Hanout

This is a nifty little Moroccan spice. Since I started planning the trip to Morocco (and well before) I have been in love with Moroccan food.

In my CD player this week (besides all of the experimental Cd's I listen to most of the day).

Stuart Staples "leaving songs"
Townes Van Zandt (giant 4 CD box set)

Also started reading:
Modern Mind: An Intellectual History of the 20th Century by Peter Watson
Seems to cover a wide variety of interesting topics, guaranteed to help me beat my daughters at Jeopardy.

For my eyes, still watching an episode a night of The Prisoner.

be seeing you

Monday, January 15, 2007

busy days

greetings traveller
The past couple have days have been mixed up. I have been trying to work on new projects but have felt the overwhelming urge to sleep. I think I managed to sleep through the on-set of a sickness? real or imaginary?
I got a couple of reviews from Heather Harvest today. You can see these at:

It's always a good felling when people like what you do. (well what the label does).

I will be attending a upcoming show at The Empty Bottle on weds. So come out and say hello.
WED. 1/17/07 (9:00pm; $7) Panicsville, Ghost Ice, Death Factory, Is, Mr. Fuckhead
Looks to be an interesting evening.

More news soon. until then please check out my friends creepy little books.

til later

Friday, January 12, 2007


greetings traveller.
I spent most of my work day answering emails and moving boxes around.
I have finally decided on my layout idea for my "oiseau" CD. I will probably work on it this weekend. I have been reading "exquisite corpse". It is a art history tie in to the Black Dahlia murder mystery. So far not much in it I didn't know. It's always good to hear about Man Ray and Duchamp though. I will be reading Ritual and Belief in Morocco next. It is a huge history of Moroccan customs. I plan to go to Morocco this year in April or June. Any advice on the best time to go? I have also started to proof what will become "commemorating a death ritual". This will be a series of 23 photos each with a sound piece played near or above the piece. The all depends on the gallery showing it. It will be in Spain in May and then here in the USA later 2007.
until next time
be seeing you

Thursday, January 11, 2007 is updated

greetings travellers
If you found this page you probably know that the website is officially updated.
A small list of things that happened today.

#1. I finished the liner notes for "Radio interference from unknown orgasm".The artwork looks great for this cd. You really should look into Val Denham's work. #2. Worked on many collaborations that will be released in 2007.
#3. Made a to-do list and then did none of it.

Tomorrow is reserved for mastering "Radio interference from unknown orgasm". I will then mail packages to everyone that has one coming.
On a personal note I have been watching The Prisoner on dvd. It reminds me a lot of " A Clockwork Orange" for some reason? Maybe because I find myself walking around all day yelling out quotes from the damn show.
I have a secret project in the works with one Val Denham too. But, if you are looking for information on that I can't give any. That would be telling.
until tomorrow, I leave you with a mock up of upcoming cd.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

welcome to the blog

Greetings traveller
I will soon be launching a new updated website at
This blog will be used to report day to day news at the label and in my life.
It may be of interest to other artists and anyone curious about what I do.
So, for starters lots has been going on.
I want to thanks everyone who came out to my second ever solo show at The Empty Bottle on December 27th in Chicago. I will have a youtube video up soon so you can see what you missed.
Lots of new projects and releases will be covered in the next few days as I get the Somnimage website ready to roll. I will leave you with a photo of a new 4cdr boxset I just released with Allan Zane. more words quite soon.