Friday, April 27, 2007

new press photo

This is me Mykel Boyd in my new press photo. Shot by my wife Kelee.
This was made in haste for an upcoming write up in The Chicago Reader, and yes I feel special.
next to me is my work in progress sound art machine.
more news this weekend.
be seeing you

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

another night

In an attempt to make this blog more interesting I have been holding back bits and pieces of info.
I have many projects going at once and it gets a bit old to say "went to the printer, talked to the pressing plant".
So here is some solid news. I will be performing Tuesday June 19th at the empty bottle in chicago.
There will be other acts as well, more info to come.
I have been working on a more compact set-up for the upcoming live shows. This is important for the california shows this fall, since I don't want to bring too much heavy gear. So far it looks like I will be playing in SF, Oakland and Sacramento as well as a couple of radio shows.
I got the mock-up from my upcoming photo book and exhibit in spain last week, that's it up there.
I will leave with that for now.
more news soon

Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday night.

Last night I went to the Z'ev show at the Empty Bottle.
It was a pretty good night of various noise/odd projects. Magic is Kuntmaster opened the show with a twitchy set of foggy room techno noise. Not what I expected but pretty cool anyway. Camilla gave me some of her cd's which I will be checking out tonight. Very nice to meet her 2 sets of dancing girls, the bloody ones and the not-bloody ones. Also very nice to get to hang out with Usama, Kristie, Bryan, Crystal, Andy and anybody else I forgot.
Vertonen was next on the bill. I don't think I will ever get tired of watching Blake send waves of static and sound blasts into the air. Sikhara was next. I can't say I enjoyed this one, even though I had high hopes at the start of the night. Z'ev was great as one would expect. He managed to keep most of the audience watching as he hammered out rhythms on metal. Overall good stuff.
tonight I recover.
be seeing you

Monday, April 16, 2007

sold out

Here is a quick update on recent sell outs.

The following releases are gone!

Wyrm / Mykel Boyd
8" Lathe Cut Record (shaped like a triangle)

Mykel Boyd and Allan Zane
"trace elements" 4 cdr set in silk screened wooden box

Mykel Boyd / Is
"..." 3" cdr

Some of these may be re-released in some form this summer. Or maybe not.
until next time

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Francisco Lopez / Mykel Boyd 10" lathe cut

Francisco Lopez / Mykel Boyd
10" Lathe Cut Record
Plain White Sleeve, Limited to 60 copies
Price $30.00
Shipping $7.00 USA, $10.00 Rest of the World

Already being made at the secret cave in New Zealand is a split 10" lathe cut record featuring Spanish sound
artist Francisco Lopez and Mykel Boyd. This one will be packaged in a plain white sleeve (much like Mr. Lopez's other releases).

order now or miss out.

Monday, April 9, 2007

no news but art

visit for ordering info
Top pic is the print from the "artists edition" (the final version will be on light brown paper)

Friday, April 6, 2007


Many projects going on at once. There should be a mess of records out this summer.
I have started to work out all of the details of the upcoming live performances I am doing.
So far upcoming dates are:

Mykel Boyd live

Sunday, May 13th 2007 at Something Else on WLUW 88.7 fm

Tuesday, May 15th 2007 Triage @ Elastic Arts Foundation Chicago,IL

Saturday, May 26th 2007 @ Nihilist Chicago,IL

Friday, July 6th 2007 Elastic Arts Foundation Chicago,IL

October, 19 2007 at NorCal Noise Fest Sacramento, Ca

more news when it's available
be seeing you

Monday, April 2, 2007

website updated

April 2nd, 2007

Welcome to another late update.
Some things have changed, some things have stayed the same.
All of the lathe cuts that were announced have now been switched to real pressed vinyl.
The main reason for this is the demand for these releases. I want to make sure everyone who is interested gets a copy.
You can always pre-order these releases (if you are the patient type). This will insure you get a copy.
I have been keeping a blog on our activities here.
Check it out from time to time for current label news.

Here is the status of several projects

"Radio interference from unknown orgasm".
This cd will feature new tracks from Merzbow, Wyrm, The Sword Volcano Complex, Mykel Boyd,
Massimo & Pierce (of black sun productions) and Val Denham (who also did the wonderful art for this release).
This cd is at the pressing plant NOW.

There will also be a limited artists edition featuring a signed/numbered
letterpress print from Val Denham.
Pre-orders for standard and artists edition are available here.

Back any day from the secret cave in New Zealand is a split 10" lathe cut record featuring Spanish sound
artist Francisco Lopez and Mykel Boyd. This one will be packaged in a plain white sleeve (much like Mr. Lopez's other releases).
Pre-orders are available here.

Next off to the press will be.

Split 12" featuring Rapoon and Mykel Boyd
This snazzy 12" will appear in two editions.
Standard black vinyl in silkscreened sleeve limited to 200 copies.

Artists edition on white vinyl with 10" letterpress prints from each artist, signed/numbered
. Limited to 100 copies
Pre-orders available soon.

Split 7" featuring Painting Petals on Planet Ghost and Mykel Boyd
PPOPG is The Opalio Brothers from My cat is an Alien (Italy's finest) and Ramona Ponzini.
This 7" will be limited to 300 copies all on white vinyl.
There will also be a signed/numbered art edition (details still in the works).
Pre-orders available soon.

also available this summer will be.

The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition
Limited to 50 copies.
3" CD-R embedded in a clear 5" disc
It will be housed in a metal box w/obi strip and contain 2 velum inserts.
It will contain Parts 5-8 (Parts 1-4 were private editions limited to 8 copies on cassette and CD-R) .
Pre-orders available SOON.

I will be out doing some live performances in support of these new releases.
Check the events page for all the info you need.

As usual thanks for your support and If you have any questions please find my info on the contact page.
until soon
Mykel Boyd