Tuesday, March 27, 2007

tuesday night allergy meds overdose

I have been in a medication coma today. Lots of little allergens floating in the unusually warm weather. But, there is news. I have wrapped up many details on many upcoming releases. So, here is some of the new info.

Rapoon + Mykel Boyd split 12"
Originally meant to be a lathe cut record, is now a pro-pressed work of art.
I have the incredible master recording from Mr. Storey in my hands. We have worked out the details of this release. There will be 2 editions. The "limited art edition" will include one 10" letterpress print from each artist. All signed and numbered. The edition size will be 100 on white vinyl. The standard edition will be 200 copies on black vinyl (no prints).
Pre-orders will be available soon. The sleeves for both editions will be silver ink on black paper, silk screened too!

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost + Mykel Boyd split 7"
Another release meant to be a lathe now pro-pressed.
The masters for this release are ready to be sent to the pressing plant very soon. We have decided 300 copies on white vinyl. The first 100 will have signed card (and perhaps art).

I will update soon on the mykel boyd splits with irr.app.(ext.), estesombelo, vertonen and more.

I am excited to announce some upcoming shows. I will provide more details as these draw closer. Here is the info I have now.

Tuesday, May 15th. 2007 @ TRIAGE @ elastic arts in Chicago,IL
curated by Blake from www.cipsite.net

Saturday, May 26th. 2007 @ Nihilist Chicago,IL
with Deathroes (a collaborative duo of SIXES & GERRITT), Panicsville and Hot Tapes.

October 19, 20, 21, 2007 Nor Cal Noise Fest in Sacramento, CA

We are also working on my return to The Empty Bottle in Chicago. we are shooting for june.

ok that's all I can remember for now.
off to medicate

Friday, March 16, 2007

small update

I am still trying to recover from last weekend. After seeing Vertonen, Soliday/Solotroff, Failing Lights, Demons, Dead Machines, Joe Colley and Jason Lescalleet, Panicsville, Cock esp, Mr. Natural and Costes perform. 3 nights of loud noise/quiet noise and in between.
I will give a proper review of these shows over the weekend.
But now exciting news.

Mykel Boyd / Vertonen 3" cdr is now a 12" record. Yes, it's just that good. It will be limited to 300 copies and be off to the press very soon.

full update on all projects this weekend.
until then

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

work and spring may spring here soon.

I have never been one to complain about the weather, but this year I have had enough.
I am ready to see sunlight and open the windows. With that said, all is well at Somnimage HQ.
I will be fighting The Dan Ryan expressway all this coming weekend. So, below is show info, if you wanna come along or just say hello I will be here. Also please read the note from Nate Young of Demons and Wolf Eyes. Donate if you can. And YOU CAN.
I managed to finish up the "interference from unknown orgasm" comp tonight. This will be off to the press on monday. I also talked to Peter King in New Zealand. The Francisco Lopez/Mykel Boyd 10" Lathes will be on the aeroplane over the sea next week! until later

Friday, March, 9 PM Enemy (1550 N. Milwaukee Ave; 10 PM; $5 suggested donation)
A Michigan invasion of the highest order! --
Demons (Nate Young and Steve Kenney bring their synth terror fest to Chicago for some beautiful audio carnage and bliss; their Frozen Fog LP lurched through ice walls, and we're anticipating an excellent set from them...)--Dead Machines (John and Tovah Olson's project lives up to its name: high tones and collapsing electronics swim through to an inevitable and beautiful end... ) --Failing Lights (Mike Connelley makes the Wolf Eyes trifecta complete with a rare solo performance)--Jason Soliday and Mark Solotroff (these gents have been hammering out the brutality for a few months and their fangs are starting to grown in, that's for certain) --Vertonen (another pendulum swing into gristle and groan, although I might bring the synth out for unity...)

March 10th 9pm
6ODUM 6ODUM is located at 2116 W. Chicago Ave., approximately 4 miles from downtown Chicago, on the city's near northwest side.

March, 11 2007 at MORON VILLAGE
33rd/Morgan, Chicago, Illinois Cost : $10

Message from Nate Young of Wolf Eyes / AArecords.
REPOST FROM NATE YOUNG.---------------------------------------Hey everyone, On the morning of Feb 24th my brother Peter Young was in a fire. He was injured with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 30-44% of his body. Neighbors reported seeing him coming out of his apartment unharmed only to see him run back in to save his dog Little John. The smoke and heat over took Pete as soon as he reentered the apartment. Pete was found unconscious and burning by Brighton Police and Fire Department who rushed him over to the U of M hospital. His apartment was completely destroyed and Little John did not make it. Pete has no medical insurance or insurance on his apartment which he owns. He is undergoing surgery for skin grafts and has not been conscious yet. He will be in the hospital for at least 2-3 months.I am asking for donations to help my family with some of the medical bills and the rebuilding of his apartment. I have set up a paypal account in Pete's name. There are over 1000 members on this board, if everyone donates at least $1 that will be a big help.Please paypal donations to Peter.B.Young (at) gmail (dot) com Please try to pay the paypal fee if paying from a credit or debit card.Pete first introduced me to punk, psychedelic rock and noise - the music that inspired me the most as a kid. He also painted the cover for the first Wolf Eyes album released on Bulb. Without him Wolf Eyes may not have ever existed. I hope you'll help me give him something back. With much thanks,Nate Young

Friday, March 2, 2007

more too much

I have been working hard on new projects and trying not to give in to the urge to propose more.
Seems like my creative side tends to beat the hell out of my business side. Lots of great ideas but who will pay for them all? Maybe I need to sell Somnimage stock?
I went to The Empty Bottle to check out Estesombelo's set. It was nice and dreamy. The addition of video projection and harpist were a great idea. I will soon have a 3" split release with these lads. You can here what they do at www.myspace.com/estesombelo
They opened for Charalambides. But we left after one song from these seemingly popular pseudo gothsters.
Many many shows coming up soon, like Demons, Joe Colley and Costes. more on these next week. until then