Monday, May 21, 2007

project status.

As a service to you the fans and a reminder list to myself I present the following info.
This is an up to date status on current projects.

"Radio interference from unknown orgasm" c.d. compilation.
Prints are in the hands of one Val Denham in UK for signing. Cd's are pressed and inserted into cases. They have been shipped. Project nearing completion. Emails will be sent the day these ship to pre-order buyers.

Allan Zane
"The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition"
Metal boxes and printing materials are here. Cd's on the way. Release date looks to be June 23rd?

Split 7" featuring and Mykel Boyd
Master recordings are at the bunker in Denver. Once I ok reference laquer, off to the pressing plant. Paper is ordered, still waiting on quotes for artist edition prints.
All art is complete. Summer release date TBD.

Split 7" featuring Painting Petals on Planet Ghost and Mykel Boyd
Paper is ordered. Art is finished. Masters are in hand. Waiting on Polaroids from Japan to complete artists edition. Summer release date TBD.

Split 12" featuring Rapoon and Mykel Boyd
Masters are in hand. I am waiting for quotes for sleeves and artist edition prints. Summer release date TBD.

Split 12" featuring Mykel Boyd and Vertonen
I am still working on the recordings for this one. We also still need to decide on art for sleeve.
Early fall release date.

These will be the first new Somnimage releases to see light. There are of course others in the works just not as near release time. Pre-orders will be available for many of these in a few weeks.
Thanks for all of the emails about these projects.

I have a very few copies remaining of the Francisco Lopez/Mykel Boyd split 10" lathe. Order now or loose out.
be seeing you

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

thanks again

Thanks this time to everyone who came out to my performance at Elastic Arts last night.
I really like this venue and will return this summer on July 6th to do it all again.
I am tired, but will have some news in the next few days.
until then

Monday, May 14, 2007


Thanks to everyone who emailed about the radio show. I'm very happy that so many people were listening (all over the world, thanks internet!). Thanks to my brother Mark for helping me lug my gear around (I was tired) and of course thanks to
Philip von Zweck for letting me perform.

Tomorrow I make my debut at Triage at Elastic Arts in Chicago. Please do come along if you can.

on a sadder note
Italian composer Marco Corbelli, of Atrax Morgue and Mörder Machine, died by his own hand this past Sunday, May 6.

Marco and I traded c.d's and records for many years. I always enjoyed his postcards and letters.
I am very sorry to get this news.

be seeing you

Friday, May 11, 2007

long over due update

Here is an update of current and upcoming projects.
The letterpress prints for the artists edition of "Radio interference from unknown orgasm" are on the way to UK to be signed by Val Denham. Here is what they look like (with plate too!).

The booklets and traycards look great and are on the way to the cd pressing plant to be assembled. I think I should have the finished product in 2 weeks.
So, if you want the artists edition visit and order NOW!

Almost ready to go the the mastering lab and the printer is the / mykel boyd split 7". Pre-orders will be available soon. Artists edition will have one 10" letterpress print by each artist.

Soon after will be Vertonen/Mykel Boyd collaboration 12" and Rapoon/ Mykel Boyd 12"

The Francisco Lopez/Mykel Boyd Lathe cut 10" is selling fast. If you want one , you know the drill.

Many other projects in various stages of completion, more news on those when it's available.


I will be performing on Sunday, May 13th 2007 at Something Else on WLUW 88.7 fm
Live on-air performance


Tuesday, May 15th 2007 Triage @ Elastic Arts Foundation Chicago,IL
jason soliday...... labycz / roebke / guillermo

Here is a write up from the Chicago Reader for the Elastic Arts show.

  • Tuesday 15

  • Mykel Boyd
    There's nothing but bird sounds on "Oiseaux Part Five," Mykel Boyd's side of a split eight-inch record he released on his Somnimage label, but you'd never know it from listening to the thing. Boyd, a local sound artist, has used a combination of acoustic and electronic processes to transform his source material into layered and deeply involving musique concrete, with jet-engine whooshes and electronic whistles folding into each other against a backdrop that sounds like a distant choir. For tonight's performance, using four small tape players and some contact mikes, he'll blend looped field recordings of fire, water, wind, and stones with the ringing of a bowed brass bowl. Jason Soliday and the trio of Jason Roebke, Guillermo Gregorio, and Brian Labycz open. On Sunday, May 13, Boyd performs live on the WLUW radio show Something Else, at 88.7 FM or from 10 PM till 2 AM.
    - Bill Meyer
    8 PM, Elastic, 2830 N. Milwaukee, 773-772-3616.

I am in talks at the moment to perform in Atlanta and NYC this summer as well.
Looks to be a busy year!
be seeing you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

guess who?

I am very proud of this by (c)Jenny Akita
news tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


here is a review just in from

number 574 week 18

MYKEL BOYD/FRANCISCO LOPEZ (10" Lathe Cut by Somnimage)
Maybe you have seen the word Lathe Cut before, and you don't what it is? It's a piece of thin plastic, in which grooves are cut with music. It's done only (as far as I know) by Peter King in New Zealand. There are several people who collect what he cuts, since the editions can be very small - fifteen is the minimum I believe - and they can turn out to be true collectors items. The sound is not always too great, and can't be compared to vinyl. On the split record by Mykel Boyd and Francisco Lopez - limited to a mere sixty copies - this disadvantage has been used as an advantage. Mykel Boyd, who released this on his own Somnimage label (who also released an excellent set of three Hafler Trio 7"s in a wooden box), uses field recordings from Stonehenge, and which sound like a small campfire and a far away overhead plane or car passing. The static crackles of the fire are perhaps (!) processed into loops, and mingle nicely with the crackles of the lathe cut itself. Something similar does Francisco Lopez on the other side. Here he manipulates eight two second samples by one Luis Marte. It's not easy to tell what these samples should sound like, but Lopez creates a dense pattern with them, and after a slow start, things go up in volume quite a bit and the hiss and crackle become alive. At one point half way through there is even a bit of rhythm to be traced and that is something which is really an odd ball in the work of senor Lopez. When it cuts out towards the end, Lopez cleverly leaves some space blank on his master, but of course on a lathe cut there is nothing such as silence and the blank space is therefore nicely filled with more hiss. Nice exploitation of what some could see a disadvantage. Great record. (FdW) = Frans de Waard

yet another performance

Sunday, June 10th @ Hyde Park Arts Center Chicago,IL
performing between 2-3 p.m. with a half an hour collaboration with Vertonen leading into his set from 3-4 p.m.
Part of Juan Angel Chavez's Speaker Project
admission is FREE

We will be playing through a 25 foot speaker!
more news soon