Sunday, July 22, 2007

Atlanta June 30th , 2007

Mykel Boyd flies to Atlanta to open for Francisco Lopez.
I started this fine day by driving myself to O'hare airport in Chicago. All was well.
Loaded myself and my small case of gear onto the plane and was excited to go. Having not been on planes too often in my life I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. As I was seated on the plane I realized how small this plane was. To edit all of the drama , let's just say, little plane = big bumpy ride and I once thought I feared nothing in life, now I know, I fear dying on an airplane. The flight back was smooth and wonderful, so I have not been defeated yet!

When I arrived in Atlanta I was quickly scooped up by Graham (of Blossoming noise label) and Travis (of NCC records). We had a bit of time to kill (waiting to pick up Francisco and Dana) so we chatted at the airport restaurant until their plane arrived.
Once everyone was on the ground we headed to the venue. Eyedrum was a gallery/artist co-op just outside downtown Atlanta. The sound system was good and the people were all very nice. In fact the entire crowd in Atlanta was very supportive. I got a chance to talk to people who had driven 12 hours to see this show as well as many locals. These people became my new best friends as they one by one purchased cd's and records from my merch table. Travis even took me for some pizza.
Black Natural opened the show by mixing elements of John Sharps (Mr. Natural) handmade noise maker( a tree branch of sorts rigged with a spring and contact mic) with Graham and Travis' e-bowed bass and synth washes. I thought their set was a bit short (since I was really enjoying it).

I went on next and proceeded to build the biggest thick wall of static I have been able to create yet. I played with the room pitch black with only several small candles lighting the stage.
I was very happy with my set and people seemed to really enjoy it.

Irene Moon played next and had some very nice organ drones going as well as some interesting vocal parts. I missed a bit of her set as I was trying to hydrate after my set (Atlanta is HOT.)

Francisco Lopez was the last performance of the night. He was playing through a 16 speaker system in the round. Lopez was seated in the center with chairs placed in a circle around him. He managed to move his sounds all around the space creating a virtual black hole sucking everyone in, just when you felt the sound taking over, he would release you into a field of insects or rain. This was the best performance from a sound artist I have ever been able to hear. I am very proud to have been asked to perform on the same bill as all of these artists.

Some photos of the event I took below. The photo of me on stage was taken by John Sharp.
I should also say thanks to everyone I met, everyone who purchased my sounds, Graham, Travis, John, Francisco, Dana and Eyedrum. I hope to return to Atlanta soon to do it all again.
be seeing you
mykel boyd

Black Natural

Irene Moon

Mykel Boyd

Mykel Boyd

one month later

When I started this blog I had intended to update it everyday. The last month has been so busy I decided just to save it all up for a giant update. I have finally recovered from the June 29th to July 7th week. It took me a long time to catch up on emails and sending out all of the orders that had piled up while I was out performing. But, if you ordered something from me, it is outta here and in your arms soon. I will leave this post with the news that the / mykel boyd split 7" should be ready for pre-orders to start next week. Also now available is this release:

The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition
Limited to 50 copies.
3" CD-R housed in a metal box w/obi strip and contain 2 velum inserts.
It will contain Parts 5-8 (Parts 1-4 were private editions limited to 8 copies on cassette and CD-R) .
$16.00 post paid in USA, $20 post paid the world!

for ordering info.

updates from my recent performances coming next.......