Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new NEWS July 19th 2011

Somnimage News

I am happy to announce the birth of two new projects.
These are both in hands and ready to ship. Find ordering info in the store.

First up, after many moons is...

Rapoon / Mykel Boyd split 12"
Robin Storey was once a member of Zoviet France. Now he records under Rapoon. He creates beautiful ethno ambient sounds.
Mykel Boyd once saw Zoviet France perform. He makes recordings of things and then alters them to sound like planes taking off.

standard edition 12" on white vinyl in black on black letter pressed sleeve. limited to 200 copies = $22.00 post paid in USA, $26 post paid the world

artist edition includes 12" on white vinyl in white on white letter pressed sleeve and two 10"x10" letterpress prints, one from each artist
limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered. = $65.00 post paid in USA, $70 post paid the world

also now available is....

Francisco Lopez "untitled #272 [antarctica variations]"
Total length: 24 hours
Release format: mp3-160kbps file in Metal USB Flash Drive.
Edition of 300 drives.

Recorded using hydrophones under a 100-meter thick ice sheet on the Ekström ice shelf in Antarctica.
This will be considered a major work by the renowned Spanish sound artist.
$45.00 post paid in USA, $50 post paid the world

In the near future (hopefully this fall), we will have a cd version of the Rapoon / Mykel Boyd record.
It will feature the tracks from the lp as well as remixes by Mystified, Theory Anesthetic and Allan Zane.
Once we work out the edition size it should be off to the pressing plant.
Also this fall we will attempt to finally catch up, with the release of the Vertonen / Mykel Boyd split 12".
As usual,many more interesting projects are in the works.
be seeing you..........
Mykel Boyd

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